Explore Abyss World: A Next-Gen Action-RPG on Sui Network!

• Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company, has partnered with Metagame Industries to build Abyss World, an action role-playing video game.
• The game will be built on Sui Network and is backed by AMD, Microsoft, and IGN.
• Abyss World will launch its open beta version in Q3 2023 and early holders of NFTs will have the chance to participate in content and reap rewards.

Partnership between Metagame Industries and Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company, has partnered with Metagame Industries an interconnected web3 gaming ecosystem to build Abyss World – a web3-based action role-playing video game. The partnership aims to create a seamless experience that bridges web2 and web3 users through the use of Sui Network’s high performing blockchain technology.

Backed by AMD, Microsoft & IGN

Abyss World is backed by AMD, Microsoft and IGN which makes it primed to be the first AAA-level action role-playing open-world game in web3 space. This collaboration between two companies will enable them to unleash their expertise in creating exciting interactive games with secure blockchain technology which can provide players with next generation gaming experience that is both immersive and valuable.

Launch of Open Beta Version

Metagame Industries has announced plans to expand its team further develop its product as well as increase marketing efforts ahead of the launch of Abyss Worlds open beta version in Q3 2023. This would allow early holders of NFTs (non fungible tokens) to participate in different game content as well as reap exciting rewards from it.

About Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems programming languages and cryptography experts whose founders have extensive experience working on blockchain technologies for over 10 years now. Their mission is focused on bringing innovative ideas for better development for decentralized networks to life by leveraging the power of blockchain technology .

About Metagame Industries

Metagame Industries is an interconnected gaming ecosystem whose core focus lies on providing gamers with unique interactive experiences while also developing tools that help them monetize their skillset effectively through playtime or competitions using cryptocurrency payments. They strive towards connecting gamers across platforms enabling them access endless opportunities within one platform regardless of geographic location or device type they are playing on